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Some of our frequently asked questions:

Q: What is SalesMENA “sales outsourcing”?

A: Sales outsourcing means engaging a professional external sales team that can handle your entire sales cycle from start to finish.This will provide you with a professional sales team “on the ground” in any territory, ready to increase your sales performance, boost your profitability, and support your business to grow.

Q: Do SalesMENA work on commission basis only?

A: No we do not, as we believe these kinds of arrangements don’t foster a long-term relationship. We use the package fees to cover our sales costs, and we make our profits on commissions. This means that we can build viable sales infrastructures and long-term, targeted teams for your business.

Q: How does the SalesMENA process work?

A: We use a 4-step process we call Q.P.E.C.

    • 1 – Qualify
    • 2 – Plan
    • 3 – Engage
    • 4 – Closing & Reporting


This is where we make sure that your products or services have a market in the targeted territory. We also verify that your quality and pricing is competitive, you have realistic 12 month sales goals, and that you have the necessary budget and time to expand into your new territory. In our experience, a good volume of sales into a new territory takes a minimum of 6 to 12 months to crystallize from a “cold” start.

Plan:Including OKRs Plan, ICP Analyses, Recruiting (if required) and Training

Here we start to build your Ideal Clients Profile (ICP) and we make sure it’s very well defined. Our clients get to know their newmarket better than most because we pride ourselves on our depth of analysis. We focus on targeting potential clients who are ready to buy, ensuring we’re not wasting ours and your time on those who don’t need your products or services, or aren’t yet able to purchase them. An ICP Analysis is included in all packages.

If you buy our 360 Sales Package we add an OKRs Plan, which outlines the Objectives and Key Results for your project. This is a cutting-edge sales management methodology used by leading world companies like HP, Google, Microsoft and now SalesMENA to
manage projects and make sure the objectives and KPIs are set and clear to our entire team and to you, the client. This works as a living action plan that you can follow up and measure with ease. We believe that short term plans that are measured frequently work best. We keep our OKRs plan limited to one quarter (3 months) and we keep it short and to the point (2 pages at max). Every plan has clear objectives, quantifiable key results and time bound responsibilities.

After this is complete you will deliver any necessary technical training to your dedicated sales team. There will usually be a minimum of 3 people working on your account: a lead generation expert, a dedicated Call Center operator, and a Sales Account manager on the ground. Technical training about your product and services is required to make sure our team has the product knowledge to handle the prospects’ questions and objections.

Engage: (Lead generation & Set up Meetings Process)

a. Using the agreed ICP we utilise all our resources and extensive networks to identify leads for your products or services. We involve you closely in this process, so you’ll always be sure we’re all on the same page with your expectations.

b. We start calling and qualifying these leads and we will set up meetings with decision makers who have shown interest in your products or services.

c. We follow up on these meetings and keep the momentum going on throughout the closing process.

Closing & Reporting

This is the most important – and the most challenging – part of the sales process. This is because the prior parts of the process a remore of a science, whereas closing a deal is more of an art.

From the last 13 years spent successfully selling in MEA we know that closing a deal here requires a thorough knowledge of the local culture, language and buying behaviour – as well as the nuances of cultural differences. It’s very difficult to find one person who has the necessary lead-generation techniques married with the perfect closing skills. This is why we use multi-member teams, each with their core strengths, to maximize our success. We also know that what works in the USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Russia and other countries rarely applies here. At SalesMENA we speak the Arabic language and we instinctively understand the culture.Most of our clients are from outside the Middle East & Africa and we have also developed a deep understanding of how they work and their expectations. This allows us to narrow the gap between the two worlds and achieve the desired results.

Reporting is one of the most underestimated part of the sales process, and it’s usually despised by most salespeople! Because successful salespeople are personable and outgoing, this doesn’t lend itself to the skills needed to give effective and useful performance reports.

At SalesMENA we know the value of regular, comprehensive reporting to you, the client – we take this aspect of our work most seriously. To make this easy, transparent and immediate, we will create a WhatsApp and/or Slack group to which you will be added.This will give you instant updates on every single meeting, quotation, and closed deal on a daily basis. We also hold either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly comprehensive sales meetings depending on the package you select. The meetings will be between you and our– now your – sales team. We will discuss the OKR progress and direction of our actions. We will also examine how we may improve, what challenges we are facing, and our success stories. You can advise us where necessary and help us to learn about your products and services quickly and efficiently.

Outside of regularly scheduled meetings, you can reach your SalesMENA team any time you wish from 08:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Sunday to Thursday. Although Friday and Saturday is the Middle Eastern weekend you’ll find we go the extra mile and we’re available for you then as well!

Meet the Team

Alaa Ismail

Founder and CEO

Alaa Ismail is Pioneering the Business Events & Sales Outsourcing Industry in the MENA Region. A serial entrepreneur, his main business is SalesMENA which is the leading Arabic Sales Outsourcing Solution for over 10 years in the GCC countries. With Alaa’s leadership, SalesMENA has generated millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. Ala’a is an expert in complex long cycle sales, negotiating large deals with enterprises and governments, Ala’a wrote a book on sales solutions & developing B2B sales channels in the region. Download it for free.

Jennifer Baxavanis

B2B Sales Coach and Entrepreneur

Highly experienced multi-lingual sales consultant, trainer and entrepreneur with over 15 years in the industry having personally achieved both high sales results for multi-national companies as well as assessed, advised, created strategy and developed commercial departments to assist clients in maximising their sales with a customer centric approach and focus.

Govind Babu

Sales Recruiting Expert

An accomplished consultant with 23 years experience in the field of Sales & Business Development. with a proven track record of hiring & growing sales teams in 4 countries. A career spanning two decades in various Sales leadership positions with top technology companies in the United States, Singapore, India & UAE. A top performing Senior executive search leader with strong connects with Sales & leadership professionals in the MENA region & globally.


Since its foundation in 2006 SalesMENA has played a key role in the success of more than 200 companies looking to expand their business in the Middle East North Africa economic area.

Our industry-leading team of over 30 Sales and Marketing professionals enables us to give you unrivalled reach and expertise in over 20 territories, including United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, and Turkey.

SalesMENA’s mission is to continue to be the leading provider of Sales Intelligence and Sales Outsourcing services in the region. We constantly strive to deliver best-of-breed planning, building and management of dedicated sales channels that deliver immediate returns on investment for clients.

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We found salesmena to be a very professional organization and we will recommend their development services for any company that wish to enter the middle eastern market.

Ronan Clarke – Managing Director – Smart Wall Paint – Construction Sector

We understand the risks and rewards involved in expanding your business within the MENA area, and our services will help your business by:

Minimising risk and costs – opening overseas offices and recruiting employees is costly and time-consuming. By outsourcing to our quality professional team we can ensure you hit the ground running from day one, with minimal risk and no capital expenditure.

Accessing ready-built networks and closing quality deals – our contacts throughout the region are extensive and influential, thanks to more than a decade of brokering high-quality deals. For us, prospecting isn’t just about quantity, it’s about quality. We connect your business with the right partners and decision-makers first time to drive early wins for your venture.

We export our organic cosmetics to china, hong kong and europe, for the mena i would highly recommend salesmena as they will handle everything from start to finish and the deal will be closed.

Jo Ordoñez – Owner – Earthbound Organic- Beauty Sector

Find out more about the range of services we can offer to help drive your company’s growth

  • We found SalesMENA to be a very professional organization and we will recommend their development services for any company that wish to enter the Middle Eastern Market.

    Ronan Clarke - Managing Director - Smart Wall Paint - Construction Sector

  • We appointed SalesMENA as our exclusive representative in the MENA territories, and they secured the first large order within one month, our products are now selling in MENA region.

    Scott Fraser - Managing Director - Suit Pack - Lifestyle Sector

  • By using SalesMENA Appointing Distributors Service I achieved In three days more results than I did in 6 years in the region.

    Zvonko Hladnik - Founder and CEO - Milla Cosmetic - Beauty Sector

  • We used SalesMENA Outsource Sales Service in  Qatar and we secured deals worth of 5.4 Million Dollars in Qatar.

    Abdullah Al Shamari - Owner of Cirta - Industry & Infrastructure

  • We export our Organic Cosmetics to China, Hong Kong and Europe, For the MENA I would highly recommend SalesMENA as they will handle everything from start to finish and the deal will be closed.

    Jo Ordoñez - Owner - Earthbound Organic- Beauty Sector




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What can we do for you?


SalesMENA will provide you with a one-stop sales and marketing team for your business.

We will take care of your sales numbers so you take care of developing your business.

We can penetrate new markets for you, or helping you sell and distribute new products. In short we TAKE CARE OF THE SALES & save you many years of trial and error to build the right sales team, that you can count on! We work primarily with medium to large size companies across a wide variety of sectors, but we also work with well-funded startups and ambitious small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME) striving for overseas growth.

Contact us now to arrange an initial free consultation with one of our senior professionals

    • Inside Sales
    • Outside Sales (Full Time & Part Time)
    • Sales Recruiting
    • Sales Training
    • Sales Management
    • Sales Supports

    • We cover 20 MENA Countries
    • Establish Distribution Partners
    • Channel Management
    • Contracts Drafting & Negotiations
    • Distributors Marketing Support

    • Strategic Account Management
    • Turn Around Sales planning
    • Sales Performance Improvement
    • Sales Process and Accountability
    • Sales Recruitment
    • Sales Training
    • Simple CRM Integration

    • Strong MENA Distributors Connections
    • Run Background Check
    • High Level Qualified Meetings Set Up
    • In-Country Logistic Support
    • Meetings Support & reporting
    • Follow up Support

    • Lead Generation
    • Lead Qualification
    • Appointment Setting in MENA
    • Customer Service Support
    • Telesales
    • Telemarketing

    • Social Media Management
    • Brand Creating
    • In-bound lead generation
    • Connecting Brands with Influencers
    • Strategy and Content Management
    • C.T.A, Landing Page and Email Campaigns

    • Web Applications
    • Mobile Apps
    • SaaS Platforms

    • Pre qualifying your products and services
    • Registering your products and services

    • Register your products




If your business needs rapid results with minimal risk and low cost, we can help.

A fully flexible outsourced sales solution from SalesMENA gives you access to the right number of senior Arabic sales professionals to suit your goals and budgets at all points in your expansion.

Our team can be grown or downsized at any time to match your needs, and our people are highly respected and results-driven.

With SalesMENA you can have a fully-functional sales team on the ground in any MENA country within 60 days.



Building a new region-wide distribution network is time-consuming and complex, and puts your brand reputation at risk if the wrong distributors are selected.

By partnering with SalesMENA to manage your growth we will provide you with a Regional Representative who will design and manage your distribution needs across up to 20 MENA countries.

We will appoint, manage and support the most appropriate distributors for your brands in each territory, assist with legal and other product registration requirements, and secure the minimum stock requirements for each territory to ensure appropriate visibility.

Our Representatives are experienced and results-driven senior professionals with extensive networks of high-quality distributors.



With over 12 years experience managing highly effective B2B sales teams and processes, our senior Sales Consultants are in demand across a wide range of sectors.

We can show you how to build, maintain, manage and motivate highly effective sales and marketing teams. Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to take your results to the next level to support your expansion plans, we can help.

We have built top quality sales teams in sectors including Technology, Oil & Gas (Energy), Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, Beauty, Lifestyle Products, Retail, and F&B.



The right distributor is vital to your success – your brand is in their hands.

Selecting a partner with the right expertise, vision and track record in the MENA area is time-consuming, expensive and complex.

With well over a decade of experience working with the best distributors across 20 MENA countries, we know who fits your brands and your goals.

We will pre-select a shortlist of most appropriate partners for you, allowing you to meet with all the right decision makers in just one trip.



For over a decade we have built a call centre team that leads the way in MENA in quality, service and results.

Whatever your needs for a contact centre are, we can fulfil them thanks to staff who are highly trained, results-driven, and customer-focused.

We can provide inbound and outbound services including telesales, telemarketing, customer support, and more.

We have a highly educated multilingual team, and we can provide inbound and outbound services in a variety of languages including Arabic, English and French.



The last few years have seen an explosion in digital marketing, and SalesMENA has been there from the start.

If you are looking to grow your brands and maintain your edge against the competition you need an effective digital marketing strategy. Developing and managing this in-house is demanding on time and money. We can help you hit the ground running by outsourcing all your requirements, or we can help to improve your current offering with consulting and advice.

Our Digital Marketing expertise includes Social Media Management (including recommendation and introduction to the most appropriate influencers and potential brand ambassadors), Brand Creation, Inbound Lead Generation, Strategy and Content Management, Appropriate Calls to Action (CTA), Landing Pages, and Email Campaigns.



SalesMENA has built an excellent team of Ukrainian developers and built web applications. mobile apps & SaaS platforms.



Pre qualifying & registering your products and services in oil & Gas, Gov. & major EPCs.



Register your products in the MENA countries.




Get a free consultation within 24 hours send us your request by filling the following form. Call us on: Tel. ‭+97145868704‬ (OR) +442035194419 Office Address: Office 404, Building B, Al Saaha Offices, Souk Al Bahar Old Town Island, Burj Khalifa District, P.O.Box 487177, Dubai, UAE

Working Hours:

08:30 am – 05:30 p.m.
Dubai – UAE Time

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