Frequently Asked Questions

A: Sales outsourcing means engaging a professional external sales team that can handle your entire sales cycle from start to finish.This will provide you with a professional sales team “on the ground” in any territory, ready to increase your sales performance, boost your profitability, and support your business to grow.

A: We do not sell B2C, our focus and experience is high quality Business to Business (B2B) sales. , Our teams and our leads databases are focused purely on B2B sales. If B2C forms part of your sales mix we can refer you to our selected partners who sell B2C and charge you based on leads they generate for you.

A: No we do not, as we believe these kinds of arrangements don’t foster a long-term relationship. We use the package fees to cover our sales costs, and we make our profits on commissions. This means that we can build viable sales infrastructures and long-term, targeted teams for your business.

A: There are several reasons why a business may look to sales outsourcing as the ideal solution:

Speed to market. Without the time and expense required to source, hire and train an internal salesforce for a new territory, an outsourced team can begin selling your products or services within weeks, as opposed to months or even years.

Reduce costs. Expanding an existing territory, or accessing a new one is much cheaper with outsourcing.

Employ experts. By hiring an established sales organisation with an excellent track record your sales performance will be enhanced.

Scale your existing team quickly. Whether you are looking to quickly grow a team, or downsize it, an outsourced sales solution can help you react to change quickly and efficiently, reducing the costs associated with scale changes.

Local knowledge. Use outsourcing to access the local market expertise of others, including leveraging their existing channels, networks and databases. Focus on your strengths. By outsourcing sales responsibilities you can concentrate your talents and strength where they lie –managing the successful growth and finances of your business.

A: We have an enviable track record of success, but we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it – try us! We offer one month trial service without further obligation. Pay for a single month of our outsourced services and see the difference we can make for yourself.If you like what you see, we would love to work with you on a longer term basis.

For 7 years we have been delighting our clients by doing what they expect from an outsourced sales solution – delivering sales!Unlike our competitors we don’t measure our performance in terms of leads generated, views achieved, or “social media reach”. We judge ourselves on how many deals we close for your business.

We have worked with clients across a wide number of sectors. Check our success stories here. If you know that you have a great product or service then you can trust SalesMENA to sell them for you.

A: The 360 Sales Outsource package: is a full-cycle sales package. Includes lead generation, setting up meetings, and closing sales on your behalf.

Lead Generation package: This is where we handle the first step in the sales process on your behalf. This includes writing a detailed Ideal Client Profile (ICP) according to your criteria and use of our Sales Expert. We will then build a list of leads from our extensive B2B database which are presented to you for your approval. Approved leads are then contacted and asked two to three qualifying questions as agreed with you. The final data is then yours to do with as you wish.

The Set Up Meetings package: This service includes lead generation as above, together with an appointment booking and confirmation service with appropriate decision-makers. You and/or your sales team will then be responsible for attending the meeting and closing any deals.

A: A “qualified” lead is a named company contact generated from our database or other resources based on the Ideal Clients Profile. The lead details company name, brief description, website address, key contact person, telephone number, and direct email address.

A: A “qualified meeting” shall be a Qualified Lead that you have chosed from the list of leads, and has agreed to meet you. Sales Consultant will reasonably follow up until the meeting can take place.

A: A “sales deal” occurs when our team has been engaged in generating a lead, setting up a meeting, and following-up until the closing. The client is the one who sign contract and invoice their customers. SalesMENA can sign on the client behalf only if its authorized to do so in writing by client. The process ends when you receive a Purchase Order from the customer. Our team will also monitor and chase payment against the PO where required.

A: Our standard contracts run for 12 months, and can then be renewed on an annual basis subject to the agreement of both parties.

A: As per our price listings here, each package allows you a set number of countries in which to develop your sales. For example, the starter package allows one country and one product line, the Pro package allows two countries and two product lines, while the Smarketing package allows three countries and three products lines. The more countries you wish to expand into, the more sales resources we have to allocate.

A: We define product lines as products sold for different market segmentations – when the product requires a different “Ideal Clients”Profile. For example, if you have one product that sells to the retail market in one form, and new product that sells to a different segment, this would constitute two different product lines. However if you have many product sold to the same segment i.e. retail then this count as one product line as we offer these products in the same client, same sales resources.

A: We will withhold the service until you bring your account up to date. We will continue to follow up on any existing sales we are already engaged in.

A: Our prices reduce based on the payment terms, with annual payments attracting the best value. For example, our most popular 360 Sales package is the PRO Package. By paying yearly you will receive a 33% discount compared to the pay monthly price. This equates to a saving of up USD37,000!

A: Once the first contractual payment is received we will begin working on your project immediately.

A: Each contract will contain agreed deliverables against a time line, and this will be followed throughout our relationship with you.

A: As an organisation our policy is to always “under promise and over deliver”! Thus we always aim to deliver sufficient meetings to account for cancellations or no-shows. However, should we fail to provide the minimum service as stipulated in the contract in a month, we would roll over the shortfall as a credit to your next month’s cycle. Example, we are contracted to provide 10 meetings, but only provide 8. Next month we will provide 12 for the same cost.

A: Yes of course! Once we have signed a contract and your team is in place we will be happy to arrange a meeting for you with the team.

A: This provides the incentives for our teams to outperform on your behalf. We hire only the best in the business, and we pay rates above the average. We believe that rewarding success leads to greater returns over the life of your contract.

A: Rates are individually negotiated on a per contract basis, but as a guide they range from between 10 and 20% of the sales value. In some exceptional cases where the products or services being sold are of high value – such as real estate – the range is likely to be one to six percent of the sale amount.

A: Yes you can. The use of video calls and other online meeting systems are popular these days, and some deal types lend themselves well to remote meetings. However, we would always advise a face-to-face meeting for new business, particularly in new territories. If you are unable to attend yourself, our sales professionals can close business on your behalf in these circumstances.

A: You will have no doubt heard the expression that sales is a “numbers game” – and it’s true! For that reason we have developed our own Sales ROI calculator for B2B Sales. Click here to use it. We’ve made it easy- simply answer two quick questions and the calculator will work out your Sales ROI. If the number is negative, unfortunately we can’t help you because the cost of sales is higher than the volumes we could achieve. If the number is positive then we can help you – and the calculator will suggest the best package for your needs.

A: Simply answer the following two questions to see the potential ROI of partnering with SalesMENA:

A: Monthly Sales Target – Number of new sales
How many deals per month would you like us to close for you? Note: if your average deal size is less than USD550 we won’t be ableto help you!

B: Monthly Average Sale Price per Customer (USD)
How much you charge each client per month, or in other world how much one client buys per month USD. If your clients buy once ayear divide that into 12.

Then click calculate and you will get your Free Sales ROI Report. The report will highlight the recommended package for you at theend, and you may share the report link or download a PDF to share it with your colleagues.

A: We will replace it with another meeting with a prospect of a similar profile. We guarantee the number of meetings that we promise to deliver, and we always have excellent quality thanks to our qualification processes and the key decision makers we connect you with.From Purchasing Managers, to Heads of departments, CEOs and business owners to investors – we will get you the meetings with the people that count.

A: If you need to cancel due to circumstances beyond your control we will replace the meeting for you as a one off only. If you choose to cancel for any other avoidable reason (or you cancel our rescheduled meeting as above) then the meeting will still count towards our promised deliverable target.

A: We find this happens very rarely, thanks to our philosophy of listening closely to our clients’ requirements. We match leads to the Ideal Client Profile (ICP) we build from the criteria you specify. Once you approve the ICP we will then generate a list of matching leads. You then get to further approve those leads from the list that you would like us to contact on your behalf for pre-qualifying. This multi-stage approval approach means that the final lead list is almost always a perfect match for the ICP that you give us, and contains well-qualified, high-quality decision makers.

A: Like all sales team we love to hit, and exceed, targets. Because sales doesn’t work to a formula we can never guarantee results, however we do agree realistic, achievable targets that we do our utmost to exceed for you. From the first stages of our working relationship we will make sure that you have a realistic picture of the success levels we aim to achieve for your business.

A: It’s always your prerogative to fire us – as you would with any sales team! However, there are several reasons why sales can disappoint, ranging from product quality, to pricing points, to market conditions. We will make sure that we address any of these areas from the first meeting we have with you. After our initial sales meetings with your prospects we will give you a feedback in case of any concerns about product or pricing, allowing you to quickly adapt and to help our sales teams have the greatest chance of success on your behalf.

We believe in working with our clients as a team, and in helping you to adapt to new markets and customize your products or services for the MEA region. But we always remember that a sales organization is only as good as its numbers, and we don’t deliver those number consistently for you then you can wave us goodbye!

A: These services aren’t included as standard, but can be for an additional fee. However if you choose the 360 Sales Package these fees and all country sales costs included transportation, internet, telephone bill, etc, are covered.

A: We have experience of a wide range of market and industry sectors. Our B2B sales teams have been involved with selling Beauty Products, ICT products, Events & Exhibitions, Real Estate & construction, Services, government sector and software. We have done services to many exhibitions in Automotive, Food & Beverage, Education, Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Travel industries.

A: Once you select your chosen sales package we will offer you 2 CVs/Resumes for appropriate sales professionals with the industry experience required. You may then interview them and decide who you want to assign to your project.

A: Yes! We have an expert partner who can register your products under our general trading license. This will save you time and money.

A: Yes! SalesMENA has a marketing and media arm: This can handle social and media influencer campaigns for you. For branding, marketing activations, design, etc., we will refer you to our trusted partners.

A: No you don’t, although we’d love to see you here and show you around! We can handle everything for you, including product registration, shipping and handling through our trusted partners. If possible we would prefer that you join us for the first 10 meetings or so, observing how you handle client questions and objections, so that we can tailor our sales activities accordingly. However this could be done as online meetings.

A: We use a 4-step process we call Q.P.E.C.

1 – Qualify
2 – Plan
3 – Engage
4 – Closing & Reporting


This is where we make sure that your products or services have a market in the targeted territory. We also verify that your quality and pricing is competitive, you have realistic 12 month sales goals, and that you have the necessary budget and time to expand into your new territory. In our experience, a good volume of sales into a new territory takes a minimum of 6 to 12 months to crystallize from a “cold” start.

Plan:Including OKRs Plan, ICP Analyses, Recruiting (if required) and Training

Here we start to build your Ideal Clients Profile (ICP) and we make sure it’s very well defined. Our clients get to know their newmarket better than most because we pride ourselves on our depth of analysis. We focus on targeting potential clients who are ready to buy, ensuring we’re not wasting ours and your time on those who don’t need your products or services, or aren’t yet able to purchase them. An ICP Analysis is included in all packages.

If you buy our 360 Sales Package we add an OKRs Plan, which outlines the Objectives and Key Results for your project. This is a cutting-edge sales management methodology used by leading world companies like HP, Google, Microsoft and now SalesMENA to
manage projects and make sure the objectives and KPIs are set and clear to our entire team and to you, the client. This works as a living action plan that you can follow up and measure with ease. We believe that short term plans that are measured frequently work best. We keep our OKRs plan limited to one quarter (3 months) and we keep it short and to the point (2 pages at max). Every plan has clear objectives, quantifiable key results and time bound responsibilities.

After this is complete you will deliver any necessary technical training to your dedicated sales team. There will usually be a minimum of 3 people working on your account: a lead generation expert, a dedicated Call Center operator, and a Sales Account manager on the ground. Technical training about your product and services is required to make sure our team has the product knowledge to handle the prospects’ questions and objections.

Engage: (Lead generation & Set up Meetings Process)

a. Using the agreed ICP we utilise all our resources and extensive networks to identify leads for your products or services. We involve you closely in this process, so you’ll always be sure we’re all on the same page with your expectations.

b. We start calling and qualifying these leads and we will set up meetings with decision makers who have shown interest in your products or services.

c. We follow up on these meetings and keep the momentum going on throughout the closing process.

Closing & Reporting

This is the most important – and the most challenging – part of the sales process. This is because the prior parts of the process a remore of a science, whereas closing a deal is more of an art.

From the last 13 years spent successfully selling in MEA we know that closing a deal here requires a thorough knowledge of the local culture, language and buying behaviour – as well as the nuances of cultural differences. It’s very difficult to find one person who has the necessary lead-generation techniques married with the perfect closing skills. This is why we use multi-member teams, each with their core strengths, to maximize our success. We also know that what works in the USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, Russia and other countries rarely applies here. At SalesMENA we speak the Arabic language and we instinctively understand the culture.Most of our clients are from outside the Middle East & Africa and we have also developed a deep understanding of how they work and their expectations. This allows us to narrow the gap between the two worlds and achieve the desired results.

Reporting is one of the most underestimated part of the sales process, and it’s usually despised by most salespeople! Because successful salespeople are personable and outgoing, this doesn’t lend itself to the skills needed to give effective and useful performance reports.

At SalesMENA we know the value of regular, comprehensive reporting to you, the client – we take this aspect of our work most seriously. To make this easy, transparent and immediate, we will create a WhatsApp and/or Slack group to which you will be added.This will give you instant updates on every single meeting, quotation, and closed deal on a daily basis. We also hold either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly comprehensive sales meetings depending on the package you select. The meetings will be between you and our– now your – sales team. We will discuss the OKR progress and direction of our actions. We will also examine how we may improve, what challenges we are facing, and our success stories. You can advise us where necessary and help us to learn about your products and services quickly and efficiently.

Outside of regularly scheduled meetings, you can reach your SalesMENA team any time you wish from 08:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Sunday to Thursday. Although Friday and Saturday is the Middle Eastern weekend you’ll find we go the extra mile and we’re available for you then as well!

This is a key reason to employ an outsourced sales team with local knowledge. We understand the culture and the standard payment terms in the region. We understand the appropriate forms of credit, and how you can negotiate to your best advantage and structure payment terms to avoid any issues as much as possible.

Our company’s founder has written more about this in the book on doing business successfully in the Middle East called “The B2B Sales Book” You can download it for free now from this link.

If you feel your in-house team can’t find the right leads, or aren’t keeping busy with enough meetings per day, or they are having problems closing deals – talk to us! We can improve your team’s performance by providing them with high-quality, pre-qualified leads, book them as many meetings as they can handle, or even train them how to close better in the MEA and how to focus on the most likely prospects.

We are happy to reward introducers who bring new clients to SaleMENA. We will pay you a commission of 10% of the value of the first year’s contract, and then 5% of the value of the second year should they extend.

We are always looking for the best sales talent in the MEA to join our exceptional team. Click here to upload your resume for our attention.

We are happy to give you an update any time during our working hours. Simply call or email to receive the latest information. However, all our sales packages include a schedule of comprehensive, regular reports, the timing of which depends on your chosen package:

Starter package: Comprehensive report delivered monthly;

Pro Package: Comprehensive report delivered every two weeks; plus a WhatApp/Slack group with daily activity updates

Smarketing package: Comprehensive report delivered weekly, plus a WhatApp/Slack group with daily activity updates.

We cover the The Middle East & Africa – MEA region.

SalesMENA has 37 global partners who provide similar services to ours, and we have been partners with them since 6 years, it took us time to filter these partners and make sure their standards up to ours. We are happy to connect you with them.

You can do that now – simply click here to schedule your free initial consultancy call with SalesMENA