Sales and Distribution: Brock Beauty

Brock Beauty (Hairfinity) is a leading multi million dollars company based in the United State. Supply 14 SKUs hair products. Their best seller is Hairfinity Hair Vitamins. The company is very successful in the states through their commerce & retail sales channels. They online to the MEA region and notice strong potential, and they start looking to expand their sales to the MENA region, through trusted, fast and efficient way to expand to the region.
They Outsource that task to SalesMENA as a local sales expert with strong sales distribution channels in the health and Beauty Industry (Worth mentioning SalesMENA best client in this sector is Beauty World Exhibition), SalesMENA has excellent geographical coverage in the region. SalesMENA put together a sales plan and processes, helped Brock Beauty with registering the products according to the local roles and regulations in each Arabian Country.
SalesMENA have achieved & closed USD4 million Distribution contract for Brock Beauty within 8 months in the region up to date, and our target to grow the sales into USD10 million by 2018. Currently SalesMENA is establishing the Franchise mode for Hairfinity Stores and Kiosks in the region. Brock Beauty fast response and serious approach and commitment to expand to the region make this venture successful and enjoyable to work with. We are looking for successful companies like us to succeed together.

  Alaa Ismail

CEO of SalesMENA - The #1 B2B OUTSOURCE SALES SOLUTION IN THE MENA REGION with over 30 Sales and Marketing professionals that will give you unrivaled reach and expertise in over 20 territories, including United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, & Turkey.

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