How to Build Sustainable Sales for New Markets and Products With the Help of Outsourcing Companies in Dubai

Best practice to build your sales channel with the help of outsourcing companies in Dubai:

Working as a consultant over the past decade – with people who represented hundreds of leading companies from the EU, the UK, the US, Canada, Malaysia, Australia and many Asian countries – and helping them access the Middle East North Africa market through government trade offices and export programs, I could spot a pattern. It was evident to me that there is a reason why companies who ‘made it’ in this region are still growing their business to this day.

Now I want to reveal to you an important part of this pattern and process, a way to build sustainable sales in the region that SalesMENA has developed, based on many success stories that we participated in over the years.

First, you must realize that the Middle East North Africa Market is a booming yet competitive market, and any companies who made it successfully here and obtained excellent business and market share, came with a commitment in time and budget to get established in the region. Most of the companies who thought they would fly into the Middle East and North Africa and sign large deals on the first or second trip didn’t succeed.

The key to success in the region is to invest in finding the right partner/client before you start investing heavily in establishing your business, only to end up closing down in few years as many do. That is why this blog is hoping to revolutionize the way companies access the Middle East North Africa Market by making a market test FIRST. A market test is like selling your product before it’s ready, just make sure you can deliver a quality product on time.

Let me list the most important steps you must take to succeed in the MENA market:

  • Do your Market Research. Or do you think a business can survive simply because someone told you the market is booming, or some one you know making so much money in the region? The question you should be asking yourself is this: Is there a real need that is not satisfied by the current suppliers?
  • Test your market by selling your product and/or service and by meeting your potential clients and partners before you decide on the fancy new business cards, or how the logo will look, or where the office will be located.
  • Identify the opportunities by providing a quote to selected customers and discussing the price face to face. Once you identify the opportunities and you have closed a deal or two and wish to establish a sales force on the ground, you can also cut your costs heavily by outsourcing your sales.
  • Have a clear target market, agree on the ideal client profile (ICP), and build a clear sales process, supported by documentation workflow and Sales CRM.
  • Recruit the right salespeople. Have clear job descriptions, look for hungry sales people with a mission to never give up. Train them properly and back them up with both Social Media and Call Center support. Remember its too expensive to hire low salary sales people!

Now you’re ready to sell your product or service in the Middle East North Africa market. Never forget your main purpose here, which is to do business, make the numbers, and SELL. It’s a fact that most buyers (anywhere in the world) do not like the word sell, but let’s face it – if you have real added value, good quality and a competitive price, with pleasing personality people will like you then – they will buy from you.

  Alaa Ismail

CEO of SalesMENA - The #1 B2B OUTSOURCE SALES SOLUTION IN THE MENA REGION with over 30 Sales and Marketing professionals that will give you unrivaled reach and expertise in over 20 territories, including United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, & Turkey.

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