B2B Conference: Arab Health Exhibition

SalesMENA, a dynamic sales outsourcing company in Dubai, once again successfully organized and managed high level B2B, business-to-business, meetings for 12 Saudi companies of Saudi Exports who were showcased at the Arab Health Exhibition.

From January 30 to February 2, 2017, SalesMENA bridged the gap between these 12 Saudi companies and key decision makers in the Exhibition. These included pharmaceuticals, plastic manufacturers, and medical products manufacturers. SalesMENA created lists of potential clients for each company from the SalesMENA’s extensive updated database in the MENA Region for current projects and demands. To create the accurate matches, SalesMENA first understood the nature and expectations from each company and particular attention was given to each of the individual ideal client profiles being done.

After talks with the 12 Saudi company representatives, a total of 85 meetings with the decision makers were arranged. SalesMENA was actively present during the exhibitions and ensured the smooth flow of every meeting, with Alshifa having up to 10 meetings with potential partners.

The Arab Health Exhibition is reputed for delivering the highest quality of medical education. With attendees coming in from worldwide, the conference is the most appropriate venue for companies such as the ones handled by SalesMENA, to initiate talks and arrange partnerships.

Others included in the 12 Saudi companies are: Al Rashid Boxes and Plastic Factory, Avalon Pharma, Saudi Medical Solutions Company (SMSCO), DAMAD National Medical Products, Total Care, MEDISYS, Al Yarmouk Med Lab Furniture, Saudi Industrial Factory (SIF), Diaeagle, NAS World Factory, and Medical Solutions Services Factory.

Now, SalesMENA has organized over 10,000 B2B meetings. The company has offices and partners across the Middle East North America Region, and is the B2B specialist in the region. To find out more, the company can be contacted through their events team, SalesMENA Tel +97145868704 OR +442035194419, or through their email, [email protected]. Or you may view their website, www.salesmena.com

  Alaa Ismail

CEO of SalesMENA - The #1 B2B OUTSOURCE SALES SOLUTION IN THE MENA REGION with over 30 Sales and Marketing professionals that will give you unrivaled reach and expertise in over 20 territories, including United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, & Turkey.

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