Lead Generation Services: Indigo Awnings Ltd


Indigo Awnings supplies High quality Commercial Shading solutions throughout the UK, including; Giant parasols, retractable folding arm awnings, and fixed retractable roof structures. The company designs, supplies and installs all of the above ranges and have become a major supplier of choice for high profile events, including the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Lord’s Cricket Ground,Wembley Stadium and literally hundreds of pubs, hotels and casual dining outlets across the UK.

Having executed outstanding projects to numerous high-profile clients across the UK & established itself as a market leader, Indigo Awning identified the UAE market as an ideal market to penetrate, appoint new distribution partners, capture their market share and expand their product sales across the entire Middle East Market.

Given SALESMENA’s local market knowledge, experience and connection backed by numerous successful case stories, the WALES Government had awarded the project to our company.


The SALESMENA, a Sales Recruiting in Dubai and mena outsourcing team had generated 94 leads of potential clients across the UAE and was shared with Mr. Trevor Ruddle for approval. The returned approved list was put into work by SalesMena Call center & B2B Meeting set up Agents, who scheduled 10 B2B meetings for Mr. Trevor Ruddle for the month of July, 2018.

A dedicated B2B Project Manager & driver with luxury car were assigned to accompany & take Mr. Trevor to his meetings. Nine of the 10 meetings scheduled for Mr. Trevor Ruddle during his three days visit was conducted and one meeting was cancelled.

  Alaa Ismail

CEO of SalesMENA - The #1 B2B OUTSOURCE SALES SOLUTION IN THE MENA REGION with over 30 Sales and Marketing professionals that will give you unrivaled reach and expertise in over 20 territories, including United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, & Turkey.

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